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 A Future with Hope Mission Fund Campaign


Watch  Bishop Schol introducing ”A Mission with Hope” ‘s Fund Campaign here: http://vimeo.com/74637146



The clergy and lay representatives from the Greater New Jersey Conference approved this campaign at the 2013 Annual Conference.  The Greater New Jersey Conference consists of 580 congregations working together to try and raise $12 million dollars for 3 critical and urgent missions. This includes:

  •  $7 million for Sandy relief and recovery. The total budget $21.8 million to restore 300-500 homes of low income, elderly and disabled people. Our ministry will work with the people who do not have insurance or do not have enough funding from other sources. These are the most vulnerable in our society.
  •  $2 million for Imagine No Malaria. A child dies every 60 seconds from malaria. Our fund will save an estimated 50,000 children.
  •  $3 million for local church mission. Twenty-five percent of every dollar our church raises stays in our congregation to be used for mission projects in our community. The Missions here in CUMC will include the Pancake Breakfast on Nov 2 – money raised will be used to buy food for the Casano Center Food Pantry after the holidays when donations slow down.  We will give free tickets to the Casano Center to distribute to the food pantry clients. We will also increase the number of lunches prepared for BRIDGES  and invite church members to help make the lunches.

Why are we conducting this campaign?

Because people need us more than ever right now. There are tens of thousands of people who still are not in their homes or are living on the second floor waiting for help to repair their ground floor. There are children dying of malaria, a deadly disease that once took the lives of thousands of US citizens. Just as we have eliminated death by malaria in the US, we can do this in Africa as well. Since United Methodists have been working to end this disease, the death of children has gone from one every 30 seconds to one every 60 seconds. United Methodists, working with people around the world, will end death by malaria. Lastly, our congregation’s engagement in mission not only helps people, but it also strengthens the witness of Christ through our congregation. We want to grow vital congregations through mission in our communities.

On November 24th, our congregation will have a special worship service to celebrate all that God is doing through us and United Methodists in our communities and around the world. As part of this service, you will be invited to make a commitment to our 2014 ministry and share in A Future with Hope Mission Fund Campaign. More  than 500 United Methodist Churches in the Greater New Jersey Area will participate in the campaign. We are using 1 Chronicles 29 as the model for this ministry, in which the resources to build the first temple were raised. King David announced his gift, followed by the leadership announcing their gifts. When the people saw the generosity of the leaders, they too gave generously. Several months ago, Bishop John and Beverly Schol announced that they were making sacrifices to give to this campaign. Over the next three years they will give a total of $53,000. One of the ways they are making this commitment is to stretch the life of their 10 year old car and commit the funds they would have used for a car payment to the Mission Fund Campaign. Bishop Schol has not asked for equal gifts but for all of us to be willing to sacrifice and do our part to help those who need our help right now. Our congregation is not asked for a specific gift. Individuals are not asked for a specific gift. We are all asked to prayerfully make a sacrifice. You will hear more about this exciting campaign in the coming weeks and I know God will bless this ministry through our congregation.

Thank you all and God Bless,

Jim Manzo, Future With Hope Chairperson



Dear Church Family,

Together we have been growing a future with hope through the Three Simple Questions Devotional, serving in outreach ministries, attending small group studies and participating in spirit-filled worship. God has a future for our ministry as we grow and serve together.

Next week we will gather for worship and a celebration meal on Sunday November 24. Your presence is important to the success of A Future with Hope Mission Fund Campaign. We are growing our ministry and stewardship to fulfill our ministry in 2014, help repair 300-500 homes of low income persons whose homes were damaged by Superstorm Sandy, help end deaths from malaria and engage in important mission in our own community.

I would like you to watch a video to help you witness some of the important ministry we have been doing as United Methodists to end malaria (http://vimeo.com/72903539).

Please keep our congregation in your prayers and join us on November 24 for the special Sunday Service.

 In Christ,

James Manzo, Campaign Chairperson

Rev. Manuel P. Cruz, Jr., Pastor


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